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Why don’t you cover all months?

SnowOutlook covers typical winter months, at Ski Resorts, that commonly have snow and the required temperatures for the snow to stick. We completely realize that snow occasionally falls outside of these months; however, a majority of our users did not find these rare predictions useful when planning activities at Ski Resorts.

Why don’t you cover all cities or towns that have snow?

SnowOutlook provides a professional Snow Outlook for Skiers and Snowboarders. We have focused our research, development, and accuracy verifications on specific Ski Resorts. We do not cover all cities or towns that have snow.

If we missed a resort, please let us know. Contact Us

What is a Risky Day?

Snow Outlook publishes a Long Range Snow Outlook. A Snow Outlook predicts ideal conditions for a storm to enter a particular Ski Resort. Ideal days are called Risky Days because there is a risk of rain or snow. The higher the risk, the more ideal the conditions are for a storm.

To be clear, a Risky Day is not a direct prediction of precipitation (Rain/Snow) but instead a forecast of ideal conditions for a storm to enter a Ski Resort.

It may not always snow on a Risky Day, but if it does snow during the month, expect it to be on a Risky Day.

What is the best day for me to plan a trip to a Ski Resort?

Ideally you are looking for days following a cluster of Snow Days. The more Snow Days the greater the chance of snow. The higher the risk, the more ideal the conditions are for snow.

Why don’t your forecasts change like the local media?

A Long Range Snow Outlook is based on a completely different methodology than a Short Range Forecast. A Long Range Snow Outlook is created prior to the season even starting. We use a multitude of proven factors to create a Snow Outlook. The factors do not change so neither does the Snow Outlook.

Short Range Forecasts (provided by local media) look at the current conditions and then make assumptions about the future. As the current conditions change, so do their assumptions.

Use the right tool for the job.. Make your plans with SnowOutlook and then check the the local Short Range Forecast when you are within a day or two of your arrival.

Is this just a historical average (Climatology)?

No, historical averages have severe flaws. These flaws are apparent when you look how the expected “normal” weather conditions have changed over the last few years.

A simplified comparison of our system can be made with the creation of Ocean Tidal Charts. Snow Prediction is just more complicated. We use exact calculations of a number of forces that have been proven, through extensive testing, to be acting upon our weather.

But sometimes your forecast is wrong?

After 50 years of research I am confident that nobody can be 100% correct. This is especially true with a Snow Outlook created months in advance. However, your odds of picking an ideal day for skiing or snowboarding dramatically increase when you use SnowOutlook.

Why Advertisements?

Unlike other sites, SnowOutlook does not depend on publicly funded research and forecasts. We do not extrapolate or even use forecasts from the National Weather Service. Advertisements allow us to provide professional Snow Outlook to the Skiers and Snowboarders at no cost.

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