Losenstein Tue Apr 30, 2024 Snow Outlook

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High Risk of Rain

Ideal conditions for a storm but the expected temperature and humidity increase the risk of rain instead of snow. If it does rain during the month, expect most of it to be on moderate or high Risk days. Skiing and Snowboarding in the rain can have the advantage of reduced crowds but much of the water-resistant gear does not hold up.

Forecast risk of rain.

Snow Outlook Details

  • High risk of rain/snow.
  • 65% Forecast risk of rain
  • 13% of days in the period have higher risk


Warmer Than Normal

High Temperature Forecast 56 to 66 °F
Low Temperature Forecast 39 to 49 °F
High Temperature Forecast 13 to 19 °C
Low Temperature Forecast 3 to 9 °C

Sun Times

Dawn 5:10 AM
Sunrise 5:45 AM
Solar Noon 12:59 PM
Sunset 8:14 PM
Dusk 8:48 PM
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